Golf Club Cleaner


Our Pump-Action Club Cleaner is ultimate solution for maintaining pristine clubs and enhancing your performance on the course. Designed with our signature logo

Featuring a convenient pump action mechanism, our club cleaner delivers a burst of water to effectively rinse away dirt, grass, and debris from your club heads. The integrated bristles ensure thorough cleaning, reaching deep into the grooves to remove even the toughest grime, ensuring optimal contact and spin on every shot.

Enhanced Spin on the Green

Clean grooves are essential for generating optimal spin on approach shots and pitches. By removing dirt and debris from the grooves, our Pump Action Golf Club Cleaner ensures that your clubface makes clean contact with the ball, maximizing spin control and allowing you to attack pins with confidence.

Gentle yet Effective Bristles

Our cleaner's bristles are designed to be tough on dirt and debris while remaining gentle on the clubface finish. They effectively remove grime from the grooves without scratching or damaging the surface, ensuring that your clubs not only perform better but also maintain their pristine appearance round after round.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Weatherall
Cabretta Glove

Great fitting glove
Looks great on hand
Superb grip
Great price buy 3 free delivery
Rapid delivery service


After having a severe crush injury to my left hand I can no longer make a fist or grip tightly.
I have found it really difficult to keep a grip on my club at impact with the ball, this glove has helped tremendously. I will definitely be ordering more, fantastic glove IMHO

James, So sorry to hear about the injury to your left hand, that sounds awful! Golf is hard enough, never-mind with a injury to the hand like that. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review, it has really made our day that our glove has been able to make your time on the course just a little bit easier. Thank you again, James!

Alan Gibb

A+++++ really nice glove 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Thank you Alan for the great review! We appriciate it!