Skull Island - MicroFibre Golf Towel


The Skull island Microfibre Golf Towel, excellently crafted to combine a vibrant blend of style and performance. Featuring our Signature logo against a stunning landscape design, this towel adds a pop of colour and adventure to your golf bag. Play your game with flair and personality..

This isn't just any golf towel – it's a statement piece that reflects your passion for the game and your unique sense of style.

At the heart of this golf towel is our Signature logo, proudly displayed against a backdrop of vibrant landscape design inspired by Skull Island. It’s  bold colours and captivating imagery, this towel adds a touch of flair to your golf bag, setting you apart as a golfer who appreciates both fashion and functionality.


Crafted from high-quality waffle microfibre material, it quickly absorbs and removes moisture and dirt from your clubs, hands, and balls, keeping your equipment clean and dry throughout your round. 

Its innovative waffle design enhances absorbency, efficiently lifting dirt and sweat, leaving your gear pristine and ready for peak performance.


The white side of the towel has been designed to ensure you are not putting dirt back onto your club face by easily seeing the clean unused area.

Cleaning on this side will keep your towel looking sweet and avoid reapplying dirt/grass to your groves.


Measuring 35cm x 75cm, the generous size provides ample coverage for your clubs, while the integrated loop allows for easy attachment to your golf bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chris Weatherall
Cabretta Glove

Great fitting glove
Looks great on hand
Superb grip
Great price buy 3 free delivery
Rapid delivery service


After having a severe crush injury to my left hand I can no longer make a fist or grip tightly.
I have found it really difficult to keep a grip on my club at impact with the ball, this glove has helped tremendously. I will definitely be ordering more, fantastic glove IMHO

James, So sorry to hear about the injury to your left hand, that sounds awful! Golf is hard enough, never-mind with a injury to the hand like that. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review, it has really made our day that our glove has been able to make your time on the course just a little bit easier. Thank you again, James!

Alan Gibb

A+++++ really nice glove 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Thank you Alan for the great review! We appriciate it!